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Ignorance and Racism

July 30, 2015

First, I want to say, that I’m not sure I like re-publishing this image.  I seriously hesitated.  We’ve seen it before.  It’s awful.

So I’ll describe it:  Shaun King in Daily Kos reports on a poster (with image) printed by a GOP Women’s Group of OK * featuring a lynched man hanging from a tree, and making two points, in large letters, (1) the Democrats started lynchings, and (2) now the Democrats simply use welfare instead.

Shaun King is right in pointing out the extraordinary degree of ignorance that is one ingredient of the “pathology” (his word) of racism.  I’ve been wanting to make that point.  Now I can just reference this example.

I get the impression that OK is a sinkhole of willful ignorance.

And just a few minutes ago I posted a page on terrorism.

(In case you want to witness to this affront to humanity yourself.)

now, just to show how strange life can be, in the lyrics to that song there’s the line, “Plen’y of room to swing a rope!”  I’m taking that seriously as a Jungian “synchronicity,” because that’s not unusual when you go into the “twilight zone” of the Extreme Foolish and Hurtful.

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