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Dream 7-18-15

July 28, 2015

My twin brother and I, in our 40s, have stolen $10M and now we have to leave our family, friends, and church (we were somehow involved in the church) in order to get away with the money. This is going to be difficult, because both the church and the police are on to us and are just waiting for us to drive down the lane in the car. We figure out that we can drive farther up the lane instead, and then drive across the fields and escape attention. However, we know that we can’t get far in the car without being spotted. We spend a lot of (dream) time just figuring out what to do. We drive a ways, across country, into a very rural area such as Idaho, and then we walk quite a ways. (We’re carrying the money in a bag.) Then it occurs to us that we can bike. So we go into a small town, where we can buy new bikes. But we decide to spend less and buy used bikes. We’re worried about whether two grown men, without family, buying bicycles, might draw attention and suspicion. We spend a lot of time deciding whether to split and buy bikes individually, at the same store, one after the other, or at different stores. At that point the dream doesn’t so much end—and I don’t exactly wake up—as it gradually loses interest and fades into something else.

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