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Dream 7-25-15

July 26, 2015

As a person somehow involved in science, I am in the office of a US Senator, because recently I have been involved in something big and beneficial. The Senator is congratulating me and telling me what a good thing that was, and I’m thanking him for giving the project so much support. We hug, affectionately, and I leave his office.

Then I’m some kind of politician, in my home at night. All of the doors and windows are open. All of the lights are off, but I can see to walk around because of lights from the neighborhood. A neighbor and I shout greetings [and some content that I’ve forgotten]. I open the door of the refrigerator, but that light is out too.

A sound comes from the (attached) garage, and I think it might be an intruder who has come in through the open garage door; but a little dog of mine comes running into the kitchen, accompanied by another much like it, belonging to a neighbor. Much friendly and playful barking. I head for the garage to see what made the noise, and they say, “The other dogs are out there.”

Sure enough, first I see my “red hound” [whose name I’ve forgotten at this moment—she eventually went to live with my neighbors—their kids, really, and they renamed her], and then my incredibly sweet and gentle Rottweiler, Roxanne. They are both sleeping. I have the sense of another dog, that I never see. [Possibly my mixed breed, who came to live with us, Girl Scout, possibly the most alertly noble dog I’ve known.]

[Most notable for me, this is another appearance of my main totem animal, that has played such a major role in my dreams, waking life, poems (and now novel), and Nina’s late painting.]

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