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Help, Police!

July 24, 2015

Complete Fail, when police can’t imagine anything but violence.  For instance. Troubled souls. When I was a kid (in the world of White–actually, the safe and easy part of Fort Wayne IN, 1940s and 50s), my fantasy was that any time I was in trouble I should call out “Help!  Police!” and I’d be okay. Now I feel anxious when a police officer is nearby.  I just can’t be sure.  Even me, an old white guy.  I know the odds are weighted in my favor…but life gets situational…and cops get irrational…(and sometimes so do I)…and who might I be dealing with…and

Update 7-30-15   Here’s a very thoughtful and well-written account of one couple’s experience; the author’s main point is that police who will abuse their authority, even brutally, will do so, even if you totally “comply”–but it might, maybe, save your life.

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