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Getting Ugly

July 21, 2015

I’ve known it would get really ugly about Hillary, but I was forgetting how ugly it could get about Bernie. But I should have known, because that’s how much of a threat he is to the proto-fascists of contemporary America.

You won’t believe this, dear reader, but it turns out that Bernie is a Jewish Nazi, or a Nazi Jew—it’s confusing. As the Right-Wing National Review puts it, “He is, in fact, leading a national-socialist movement, which is a queasy and uncomfortable thing to write about a man who is the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland and whose family was murdered in the Holocaust. But there is no other way to characterize his views and his politics.”

(He’s also a witch—look at the headline and cartoon, a New Englander, you know.)

Talk about a psychopathological fantasy. I doubt that they think that we’re that stupid, but they think their readers are.

And btw, the writing in this article is a regular tour-de-force of propaganda, in it’s language, image-making, and story-telling.   What Hawthorne called the “sick” imagination, doing its thing. It is the soul, and it is our democracy. It’s part of who were are, deep-down.

I hope they’re right, that we Progressives have become a Movement!

And, you know, Bernie would be our first Jewish President. That’s something.

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