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July 18, 2015

(as if it once was ours)


Those are very big projects. Today I read the Paul Mason manifesto (and it was the perfect time for me to read such) for getting on with creating a postcapitalist world—which, he says, we are in fact doing—and I think that’s why we’re at a moment of supreme crisis for the Reactionaries such as the Koch Bros, Scalia, et al.. Millions upon millions of us can sense that it’s happening, all around us, and within us.

I’m guessing that M’s book Postcapitalism, coming soon, will be very widely read and discussed.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the article in the Guardian.

“…this is a new way of living in the process of formation….Its dynamics are profoundly non-capitalist.”

“The power of imagination will become critical. In an information society, no thought, debate or dream is wasted—whether conceived in a tent camp, prison cell or the table football space of a startup company.”

Let’s get on it!

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