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Where’s Dick on Iran? Update!

July 15, 2015

Update!  My Man Dick never lets me down (maybe he’s getting a bit slower, which is entirely understandable).

And Bush (btw you see by my sources that i’m not hiding my biases; my conclusion from the Bush and Cheney responses is that President Obama must have gotten us a really good, and very important, deal; and seriously, this could have lots of very positive, long-range, ramifications as Iran is slowly liberalized and brought into full working relationship with the rest of us nations; a win for everybody except the Saudi block and Netanyahu).

Obama press conference today (main points reported, and video)

Early in the day:

Have I missed it, or is Dick Cheney silent, on a matter of big influence on the price of oil, and one that he is very familiar with?

In 2005 or 6 (I missed the exact year), the Iranian ambassador to Switzerland delivered to the Bush administration, via Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH), an offer to negotiate a treaty on Iranian nuclear energy. Ney was the right first step because he spoke Farsi and was very knowledgeable about Iran. The offer was not accepted, or publicized. Ney knows, for a fact, that it was debated within the administration, and he believes that Vice-President Cheney won that debate, with his position that an agreement with Iran would not be in the best interests of the United States.

(Ney, nicknamed “The Mayor of Capitol Hill,” has published a very informative book about how power works in Washington: Sideswiped.)

Here’s an informative, and very positive, take on the Iran deal (details, context, opposition), by Brendan Gilfillan.

An article in Foreign Policy, by an expert, supporting the deal.  More.

I think this plays out as a wonderful foreign-policy/domestic politics episode in the functioning psychopathology (love that word) of our democracy.

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