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Bush: Equal Time

July 13, 2015

Today I’ve thought out loud about Walker and Hillary, and just a few days ago about Bernie; so I feel as though I should give Bush equal time. And indeed, just the other day he offered an opinion on our economy that I should have thought out loud about: to fix our economy American workers must put in more hours and bring home more income.

Here’s the Daily Kos page about it, including how many hours we work, etc.

Thinking from experience: In grad school I typically put in 60-hour weeks, studying and teaching; and during my teaching career I often put in 50-hour weeks, often including, for instance, spending much of Sat and Sun grading papers. I was doing work that I loved; a lot of people are doing work that they can tolerate, and some not even that.

Thinking from info: American workers have significantly increased their productivity, but at that very time, their income has stagnated or declined. The profits that they produced did not trickle down to them, they flooded up to the billionaires (to float their “Yachts”–a wonderful poem by William Carlos Williams).

It’s hard to take this Bush seriously; he seriously often appears not to know what he’s talking about; he seriously seems out of touch. But he is, seriously, the champion of the Republican Party Establishment; so he is a very important character in this novel, and maybe as the plot goes on he will become more interesting.

Well I’ll leave our story at that, for now; but on a coming page I’ll think about how many hours Americans should reasonably want to work.

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