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July 9, 2015

Hi! Let me introduce myself. The narrator you usually read is a bit malade, maybe a bit under the Seattle heat wave (which, btw, I hear maybe has broken, but still no rain, and it’s on fire out there!), and I’m the temp—straight from the agency, just moments ago. Well of course except I’m working from home, of course, and it’s not in Seattle. I’m prohibited, in my contract, from disclosing my location. Hey! I could be Dick Cheney for all you know! For all I know! I’m not, though. Joking.

Okay, this won’t be too hard. They want me to think out loud. I do a lot of that anyway. Right now I’m thinking about how soon I can wrap up an episode and take a break for a tall one. How’s that for loud?!

I’m wearing shocking yellow silk PJs. How’s that?! Not really. PJs yes, yellow no.

Okay, I can think about something.

I see where the U S Women’s Soccer team won a world competition. There, that should interest readers in Seattle. Also they aren’t being paid as well as men.

What else is new? No joke.

America’s Social Contract needs to be revived. That’s not news either. Bernie Sanders wants to lead us in doing it. Looks like he could get it done. Hillary Clinton probably could too, if she wants too; and she seems to be pointing in that direction.

Have I filled a page?

Don’t know if I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m temporary. Life is change. Change is life.

Love to all

[Ha! Did you guess that that was me?! Or did you suppose that our author was unreliable? I read his note and I’m rarin’ ta think! By the way, today’s his bday—76! Says it’s his lucky number.  Buon compleanno, autore!]

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