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4* Psychopathologies

July 7, 2015

In a nutshell.

(As I’ve been thinking about national events these days, and trying to explain what I mean by “psychopathology,” in the term’s sense of sickness four have emerged, in particular, and on this page I’m simply offering them for your consideration, Dear Reader.)

We open a walnut, expecting to find four chambers, each filled with its kernel of nourishment. Instead, we find emptiness and a dry rot. Each is a room of oppression and exploitation.

In the room of sexuality, where we should find delight, we find sexism, a form of binary fixation in which men dominate women and children.

In the room of the human family, where we should find variety within unity, we find the division and categorization of racism, in which “white” folk dominate everybody else.

In the room of wondrous beauty, where we should find the re-energizing shining forth of truth and goodness, embodiment of the soul itself, we find what Thoreau called “gross materialism,” by which I think he meant (as I read Walden), the valuation of material objects, transformed into means and symbols of monetary wealth, above the value of the soul, nature, imagination, and conscience, in violation of the “higher laws” of “respect for self” and “respect for life.”

In the room of community, where we should find love and celebration of each other, we find plutocracy, in the economic forms of monopoly capitalism and the hoarding of money, and in the governmental form of fascism.

Each of these private and public pathologies is a power-play by which the ego, fearing death, tricks itself into thinking that it is preserving and extending its life, by producing and reproducing death.

How shall we have a healthy democracy in the face of these illnesses?

The soul writhes.

* I haven’t forgotten class warfare!  But that’s a nut that I haven’t yet cracked.  Surely related to plutocracy etc, and for that matter, to all of the above; but I want to look at it as itself.

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