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Mass Xtinction Now Under Way

July 1, 2015

What can I say, as merely the narrator of/in a novel, even a novel with a topic as big as the psychopathologies of American democracy?

Lots of evidence that we have entered a period that historians, while there are still historians, will call “The 6th Mass Extinction of Species.” There weren’t any humans during the first five.

I can say, that this isn’t likely to turn out well.

And I can point out that our national pathologies feed right into, sustain, the causes of this catastrophe. I’m thinking increasingly that one of our major psychopathologies is capitalism, as we have developed it since the Civil War: monopolist corporate capitalism, plutocratic capitalism.

Here’s an interesting article that I saw today.

Here’s another.  There are so many.

Does our democracy provide a workable form of governance that we can make function to help ourselves address this situation?

At what point will plutocratic corporate greed, global warming, and/or extinction of species make democracy not only impotent but impossible?

Our failure to come together and recognize what we are doing, as a people, is a vast failure of imagination, which is one of our major psychopathologies, perhaps the main one.

Lots of luck to you, humans, and others.

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