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To Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

June 20, 2015

Dear Senator Graham,

“It’s who we are,” you say. But Senator, you can do something about that! You’re in trouble, but you can get help.

As I understand it, a white supremacist citizen of your state wanted to start a race war, a civil war, so he took his gun to a black church with a prominent pastor, sat for an hour in a Bible study group, was treated well, but decided he had to do it anyway, do what he brought his gun to do, so he killed nine people, because “you rape our women and you’re taking over our country.”

Senator, you’re a major politician in his state, and on the lawn of the capitol building flies a confederate flag—the symbol of everything brutally racist in the history of your state, including installation of that flag, in the 1960’s, as a symbol of determination to continue to oppress people with dark complexions.

Someone asked you if it’s time to put the flag away, and you said, “it’s part who we are.” Yes, you said that; that’s a direct quote. (I half expected that, this morning, I would read that you had offered some half-assed, racially coded, apology, or retraction, or at least some gesture of civility, not to say humanity. Alas.)

Well that’s like saying (and especially clearly in the context in which you said it), “We’re white, above all else, we South Carolinians with power, so we keep our power by oppressing black people and sometimes murdering them.”

That’s Some. Psychological. Sick.

But you can get counseling for that.   You can get help. Seriously.

You’ve got to face and figure out what it is and where it is, deep down in your body and your soul, talk it out, bring it to the surface, reason your way through it, cry your way through it, and Let It Go!

My own problem was different, more individual and less political, but it was damaging and painful. Maybe the psychological counselor who helped me so much can recommend somebody good in DC. Call me if you want me to ask.

PS: I hope you will view this video, from Roof’s arraignment, and hear the voices of healthy and whole persons, magnanimous in their grief (and share it with Gov. Haley).

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