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Jeb Bush

June 15, 2015

is a wonderful character for this novel about the psychopathology of American democracy! Welcome to these pages, Jeb!

As your narrator I expect to be thinking out loud about JBush frequently. My thought is that he is the candidate of the Republican Establishment. Whether he gets the nominatin will depend on whether the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk (recently including Sheldon Adelman big-time) will come to control the Rep Party (i.e. will buy it), and if so, will JBush be their pick. I think it will come down to a contest between JBush and Scott Walker (Gov WI); and I think they prefer Scott. He’s definitely their kind of politician, and does not have a power base outside of their money. The ticket might be JBush with Scott for V-P (especially if the Bros don’t succeed in buying themselves a Party).

Here are samples of JB’s positions (note, source is Dem National Committee):

“Defends voter ID laws that disproportionately affect [ie prevent from voting] women, minority, and student voters

Thinks citizenship for undocumented immigrants is an “undeserving reward”

Said businesses “absolutely” should be able to discriminate against gay Americans

Has advocated for the public shaming of single mothers

Is completely unfamiliar with the Paycheck Fairness Act

Takes policy advice from his brother — and recently defended invading Iraq

Supported a budget that guts Medicare and education funding”

And here’s a take on his thoughts regarding science, and “race”:

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