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Dream 6-10-15

June 10, 2015

[Recently I told a young woman friend about having seen a lot of really fine, beautiful, and expensive dresses by going up to the less touristy premiere étage of Louis Vuitton, Avenue des Champs Élysées. Was I showing off? Some. She seemed to enjoy the tale.] In last night’s dream I went into an exclusive, very pricey, women’s clothing shop, accompanied by a young woman friend (not particularly identifiable). There were several, clearly wealthy, men shopping around us. The sales personnel proceeded to show us a very large number and variety of clothes, some on models. When we left, we agreed that we had had quite an enjoyable experience, but we were mutually puzzled about why they had treated us so well. (There was no mention in the dream of our having bought anything—or even having thought about it—nor had I made a purchase in LV.)

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