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Diary 6-8-15

June 8, 2015

Amazing(ly uncomfortable) weather, dear Diary. Upper 70s/low 80s day after day, which means that with my house/garden’s exposure to the afternoon sun, 2:00-8:00 becomes really hard to endure (now of course, I used to love the heat, but I don’t regulate well anymore). And of course we don’t air condition houses in Seattle, because the climate is so mild here, moderated by the ocean. In addition, we had a very warm, sunny spring; and I only remember one rainy day in the last 5 weeks or so, and we didn’t get much water on that day. It’s hard to keep the garden plants healthy. And our mountain snowpack, this winter, was deficient.

And btw, the Dick is back! You know who I mean, dear Diary, and where he’s likely back from. I count on him, and he never lets me down. This time his point is that he has tried, really hard, to understand what goes on in Obama’s mind, but it’s simply unfathomable (paraphrase). Example, O has ordered military action against ISIS, but isn’t going all-in; it’s like O doesn’t really want to be at war.

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