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How to Save Our Economy (2 of 2)

June 2, 2015

On this page you’ll find a fusion (with commentary) of several major takes on what we most need to do. In addition to Sen. Sanders’s proposals, you’ll find (with links to the originals) those recently put forth by NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and the “Populism 2015 Platform” by The Campaign for America’s Future and other organizations.

Lots of good talks and conversations on You Tube, and for a start, one that I like is a conversation between  Bob Solow and Paul Krugman, focused on the new book by Anthony B. Atkinson, Inequality:  What Can Be Done?

But wait, you (might) say, don’t these ideas all come from the Left? Yes, that’s my bias. I’m familiar with the thinking on the Right, which I find ranges from ignorantly wrong-headed, to unhelpful, to counter-productive, to willfully destructive, while its presentation is riddled with lies. Plus the Right hasn’t offered a new idea in 40 years.

Double Plus, it’s the Right that got us into this mess.

[On a personal note:  My family was part of that remarkable move toward economic equality, moving working class white folks into the middle class, 40-75 years ago (beginning as my father and uncles came home from WWII), that Krugman mentions.  We benefited immensely.  Under the pressure of Reagonomics, the younger members of my family have been hanging in there, but it’s been hard to hang on and I’m worried about my grandkids.]

While I’m on a roll, another You Tube that I like:  Jeff Madrick, author of Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World, on what went wrong.

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