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What Is Fascism (American Style)? (1 of ?)

May 28, 2015

I think (out loud) that the election of 2016 will be crucial for our democracy. If a Democrat is elected to the Presidency, thus holding the executive powers of the veto, Supreme Court appointments, and commitment of the military, the moment for the triumph of Fascism (American Style) will have passed.

But if we elect a Republican President, and especially if he (no possibility of she) is the candidate selected by the Koch Bros NLC and their Ilk (and I’m betting that they will, indeed, determine the Republican nominee, thus wholly owning that party * ), our form of governance, while continuing for a (probably short) while to be a democracy, will quickly become Democratic Fascism, and then just plain Dictator Fascism. I don’t think fascists can tolerate democracy, any more than monopoly capitalists (which they would be) can tolerate pluralistic competition.

What I mean by F(AS) is a system of governance in which the government is owned and operated by the owners and operators of leading Monopoly Corporations, as a tool for increasing the monopolistic power, and thereby the profits, of those corporations—and thereby increasing the wealth and power of the owners of those corporations. Note well: corporations are not people, dear Reader, but the owners and chief operators of those corporations are people, and it is those persons who will benefit immensely (and, given the scale of inequality, almost exclusively) from their operation of the government.

It won’t be State Capitalism, à la China, it will be a Monopoly Corporate State.

And btw, with F(AS) our trains won’t run on time, because we won’t have trains (unless they run on fossil).

[Update 1-17-16 * Lost that one.  But they got their man, Pence, so they have partial ownership, with a plan for their future.]

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