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What About Economic Inequality?

May 25, 2015

This interview with Solow and Krugman is very much worth watching.

Btw I’m of an age to remember significant economic equality in America, among white folks*; and, for instance, that’s why my sister and I were able to go to college (I was able, for instance, to hold a decently paying job every summer beginning when I turned 16; I bought and operated a used car, and saved enough money to help with college expenses).  And there was no stock ownership anywhere in our family, nor was there significant inheritance** (but both of those conditions have caught up with families like ours, as a few families have benefited from dividend wealth, in turn producing huge inheritances, thus increasing inequality).

*note K’s point about racism and inequality

**and btw the Koch sibs + the Walton sibs inherited as much as did the current bottom 44% of Americans

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