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Dream 5-23-15

May 24, 2015

I had been swimming, and while in the water I had taken off my trunks [no explanation, sometimes you just never know]. Now I was walking back to my car, on the sidewalk along a busy street, and I felt some concern about wearing only a T-shirt. So I reached into my trunks to find my trunks, which I thought I remembered having wadded up and stuck inside my trunks; but they weren’t there. [I know.] But really it wasn’t that big a deal.

[For the past 40 years—that I remember—I’ve had the recurring image of being naked in public, but usually with more embarrassment than this time. Was last night’s recurrence an anomaly, or a sign of some kind of progress, or just something apparently rather normal in old age, a certain loss of intensity of modesty, a gradual slipping away of civilization?  Kindergarten was so long ago that one tends to forget what was the point.]

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