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Dreams 5-17-15

May 17, 2015

Two from last night:

I was attending some kind of literary conference, in a hotel and other buildings, probably in a college town, with a friend such as Tammaro, who had to leave early, and briefly a little girl who was more or less my daughter. The whole scene seemed rather confusing and a bit off, intellectually and logistically. It was hard to get into, or make sense of, the readings. It was hard to get a meal. I looked through a big magazine called “Holiday’ but then gave it back to the hotel. Then I got a glimpse of one of the houses that I had lived in. Supposedly it was my house in the historical district of Muncie, large, architecturally interesting and beautiful, having been built in 1860 and extensively remodeled in 1890. But the house I saw, while large, was seriously run down, as if abandoned, or certainly not kept up. A large window was mostly white-washed over, leaving only a small space for looking out. There was a large hole in the wood of the front wall. On another side, at the back corner, a crack between the boards had been partially hidden by a poster, reading THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION, as in “We are living on the eve of destruction.”


I owned two cars, both rather old, and both had to have an inspection of the exhaust system, in order to get the license renewed. The local fire station was near the inspection site, and the crew let me park each car on their driveway while the other was being inspected. There was a question as to how I would get both cars there, and back, at the same time.

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