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Shell Oil v. City of Seattle

May 16, 2015

6/5  Resistance Website (sHellNO)

Update 6-2:  Shell v. State of WA.  Can a state stop an international corporation?

Shell has brought its gargantuan platform, Polar Pioneer (drilling rigs are people, my friend) to dock in the port of Seattle, to take on supplies, on its way to conduct exploratory drilling (by permit of the U S Government) in an environmentally sensitive area (I mean, one might as well understate, since it would be hard to overstate). I’ve read that it’s 400 ft long and 300 tall, so it looks to me to be 250 or so wide. Remarkable how ugly yellow can be in that quantity.  And very visible.

A couple days before it arrived, our mayor announced that the docking permit was invalid and Shell would have to re-apply. To dock the platform would be illegal. The majority of the Commissioners of The Port of Seattle voted in agreement with the mayor. The company that moves the platform brought it to dock anyway, explaining that it is under contract with Shell and must honor the contract.

My guess is that if Shell decides to do something, it can’t be stopped by a city (maybe NYC? LA?). (And btw a Commissioner who led the defense of Shell’s action has just announced that he is a Republican candidate for State Governor—well at least there’s one issue that will be clear for the voters.) However, a lot of citizens oppose, and are holding a variety of protest events.

Monday 5/18  Report in Mother Jones.

Update 7/4  FWS restricts Shell drilling.

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