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Diary 5-14-15

May 14, 2015

Dear Diary, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that for some amount of time I had been sleeping in the dark, as if back on the farm in Indiana. That meant that the neighborhood was not receiving electricity, so that no light was coming in from my neighbors’ outdoor lights or the street light.

I looked out the big window in the thrid floor bedroom on the street side of the house, down on the houses across the street and up the hill to the left, on down the hill ahead to the park, and across it to the houses on the other side, near Rainier Ave, up the ridge on the other side of Rainier Valley, and along that ridge to the right toward downtown. Not a light anywhere. Not even a car on any of the streets that run along the ridge at various heights.

The entire landscape was as if painted in, with soft gray pastels on a dark sanded paper, with charcoal shapes of houses and clumps of trees, given just a slight glow by the moon above the overcast sky, and nothing in outline.

At that moment I couldn’t tell you, dear Diary, that there was a light on anywhere in the expanse of night. Only the peaceful endarkenment of a world at rest. And maybe I the only one awake to see it, enjoy it, and go back to bed.

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