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May 11, 2015

So Jeb Bush, asked if he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq, “knowing what we know now,” says he would (as would H Clinton and many others, he says), because they had the “intelligence” that they were presented then. The problem is that we made mistakes later.

In other words: today, knowing what we knew then + what we now know = wise to invade, and he would have done so. Say it again, because this is dumbfounding almost beyond belief: he would have invaded iraq, even knowing what we know now.

He implies, I think, that he then would not have made the mistakes, or at least he wouldn’t make them now. And he says or implies that his brother, W, thinks the same, now.

The mistake, he says, was that we did not provide security for the people of Iraq, and so they took up arms against us.

At best, that is a gross oversimplification of the situation in Iraq, both then and now.  Indeed, ignorance comparable to LBJ’s and Robert McNamara’s ignorance of the history of Vietnam and the reasons there was armed conflict there.

Clearly there’s a lot of “intelligence” that Jeb does not possess now.

This statement, by itself, disqualifies him for the Presidency.

[The next day:  JB moon walks, saying he misheard the question.  I thought, when I watched the clip from the interview, that there was a chance that he had rushed his response, not paying enough attention to “knowing what we know today;” so I watched again several times, and it seems to me that (1) actually he did hear it, and (2) not having heard it doesn’t really change the substance of his position–and certainly not his (lack of) understanding of what went wrong.

And it occurs to me, now, that he says that it was right for Clinton to vote, at that time, to authorize invasion, given the intelligence given her at that time.]

[[5-14  Says he understands the Q now, and he would not go into Iraq.  Somebody should now ask him, okay, what would you do about Iraq if you were president today?  –  Later, somebody asked.]]

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