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Dream 5-11-15

May 11, 2015

A friend and I, somewhere in our early twenties, were apprentice carpenters, working on a house being built. We were being supervised by a master carpenter. We watched as he framed up a window [sur-really—in real life terms it was way over-framed, with lots of pieces of wood], with wood that was pinkish and rough-cut, as if still inside the tree trunk. Beautiful, but strange and slightly disconcerting.  The m c assigned a window to me, and I went over to start on it, and he told my friend to finish the window that the m c had just started.

I watched as my friend, instead of putting up another board, began to take apart the m c’s work. The m c shouted, “Hey, what the heck are you doing?” I thought my friend was going to be fired; but he stood his ground, and looked as if he would quit, rather than complete that frame. He said that the wood that the m c had used was not good, and should be replaced.

The m c gave him a big smile and patted him on the back, saying that my friend was exactly right and had passed the test!

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