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It’s Too Late

April 27, 2015

to be a multi-billionaire. Passé. Multi-billionaires are simply not sustainable. The lives of the rich and infamous are no longer admirable, they are gross. Only a sociopath would aspire to such a lifestyle.

The way the global climate is changing requires actions that distribute global wealth much too evenly for multi-billionairedom to survive. We cannot save a planet that provides an adequate lifestyle for our species, unless we provide global conditions of basic comfort for all.

Koch bros, listen up. You are flailing, and we can see it in the desperate amount of money that you are pouring into the 2016 election. By now it’s a cliché to say that you are morally bankrupt. The rest of us will do what you are incapable of doing; and your kind will be a blotched page in our history books.

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