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You Lie Abt Campaign Finance

April 24, 2015

“Bush’s strategy of raising tons of money through his Super PAC before officially declaring himself a presidential candidate, then outsourcing traditional campaign functions to said Super PAC, is also raising eyebrows among some donors:

 “There’s a worry that this is setting them up for a number of legal challenges,” a Florida-based donor said. “There’s some freedom allowed by this but there’s also a lot of arrogance because, even if they think they’re on firm legal ground, we all know the intent of the law is not to have presidential campaigns being run out of a super PAC. It’s untested, it’s risky — there’s that chance that it blows up, that some unforeseen legal challenge actually sticks.  [bold added]

“And the optics are horrible. If he wins the nomination this way, Democrats will seize on the tactics as evidence that Jeb Bush thinks he can play by his own rules. It’s the same playbook we’re trying to run against Hillary, which would be out the window.”

[Reported by Daily Kos]

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