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At Their Very Worst

April 12, 2015

We are about to see Republicans and other reactionaries reveal the very worst that they can be.   Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Presidency today, and her announcement featured (as I see it) women, families, change, and opportunity.

Nothing can strike more fear into the hearts of reactionary men than the prospect of a woman with more power than they have—and this woman will be in a position to profoundly affect their lives.

There’s nothing they hate more than an uppity woman.

It’s gonna get very very ugly.

[Update:  that night and next morning.

10-7-16 It got this ugly.  Another article.  I failed to imagine it.  I.e. not the language or the predatory male behavior, we’re all familiar with that, but the candidate who flaunts it.

10-12  And now this (and it’s only  beginning).

10-29  In a stunning illustration of the American identification of sexuality and gender, especially regarding women, as we’re about to elect our first woman president, the issue is immoral sexuality ( espec re. Trump, Clarence Thomas, Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener).

Halloween:  It got THIS ugly.]

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