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Dream 4-3-15

April 3, 2015

[Another episode in my long series of dreams featuring the image of my house/home, in need of completion and/or repair or restoration. The house appears in various guises, sometimes very old, sometimes originally built by me, but always (so far) large, and located in woods or woods plus field. This is a “big image,” operating meaningfully in many dimensions of interpretation, e.g. archetypal, contingent, quotidian. In last night’s dream:]

I am walking around on my property, viewing my house and many small out buildings. They have all been boarded over with planks or small boards, or in some cases the original boards have become so weathered that they look like they have been nailed onto the frame somewhat haphazardly. Some of the large trees have boards nailed onto their trucks and even out their large branches near the ground, to form building-like structures [these being rather “surreal”].

I will have to make a lot of decisions and do a lot of work, to bring the home and property back to normal, functional and attractive, condition.

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