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It’s Time

March 28, 2015

and past time, for the Republican Party to stop threatening democracy, and just go away.

Two examples: (1) Indiana Governor Mike Pence (in whose Congressional district I lived while he was in the House) signs into law and defends a Republican initiative to give persons and corporations the legal right to discriminate against citizens whose actions do not adhere to the mores of Evangelical Christians. The Evangelical person or corporation need only claim that an act by the offending person (or corporation?) was so offensive to the Evangelical’s religious belief that God would not countenance professional service by the Evangelical to the offender.

(2) Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) explains on TV that a major accomplishment of his was blocking passage of any laws that would regulate the use of guns in the United States, at a crucial moment when, in response to a gunman’s stalking and killing children and teachers, the Senate would (he claims) have passed such legislation.  He was the only bulwark, against Obama’s attack on the second amendment.

I say again: Sane Republicans (and I know there are still a few of you out there, even in Congress), face the fact that the history of the Republican Party has brought it to domination by racists, sociopaths, and shallow opportunists; leave that Party before you become totally discredited.

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