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A Moment of Truth

March 16, 2015

It’s clear that some of the Republicans actually are spoiling for a war. I guess it’s to serve their masters in the IM2C (industrial-military-media complex), and/or to enact one of their utopian fantasies of dominion.

I think we all long for the value of life to be experienced, in its absolute.

But war is always stupid, when you really think about it. Murderous. The ultimate sublimation of our archetypal (and, I think, historical) cannibalism.

In fantasy and film war can seem attractive, even exciting, as life meets death and a great individual clarification takes place, in struggle with the collective’s projected enemy. Life is narrowed and focused on the definitive and simplistic, and waste can be cloaked in the mantle of heroism. In reality it produces ongoing, long drawn-out injury and suffering, without recovery. Addiction to highs. Living deaths, over and over.

And in some, perpetual delusion.

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