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Diary 3-9-15

March 9, 2015

Dear Diary  –  3 italian ristorante sta sera  –  tutti eccellente  –  Eyes collapsing now, so more domani

Domani:  Luigi DeNunzio owns all 3, within a couple blocks of each other in Pioneer Square, which used to be a “little Italy” and Luigi would like to return it to its glory.  I had not been to i suoi ristorante, but he was going to host an italiano/english meet up, but became ill and postponed.  I had been looking forward to dinner at Al Boccalino (little jug or pot, I believe) so much that I decided to dine at one of the 3 anyway.  Decided on his recently opened Che Sara Sara, then walked up the street to his Cafe Bengodi (land of plenty), where i looked over the menu and talked with a waiter, then a half block for an afogato at Al Boccalino, where I talked with a waiter from Sorrento.

Luigi came to the states from Brindisi, 26 years ago, and Che Sara Sara features cucina from Puglia.  Since i’m mainly vegetariano but might bring friends who are meaters, I started with the potato zuppa (with onions, fennel, aromatics, evoo, and smoked pancetta.  It was terrific!  Then the 36-hr marinated wild boar, with lots of ingredients that I can’t remember (but e.g. vino rosso, raisins) and of course pasta.  It’s harder for me to really get into boar, but the flavors were great.

Cafe Bengodi has the most extensive menu of the three, and includes pizza.

These ristorante are small to very small, and definitely feel Continental–possibly a bit much so for some American tourists visiting Pioneer Square, and even some locals.  I’m looking forward to dining at the others, and will report.

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