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Water (Net) Neutrality

February 26, 2015

Loathsome corporations such as Comcast have been petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to allow them to provide faster internet service to their big corporate customers than they provide to smaller businesses, nonprofits, and many millions of individuals, thus being able to charge their big (i.e. wealthy, powerful) customers more, for the better service.  The rest of us have been calling for “net neutrality,” i.e. equality of service to all users, recognizing that effective use of the internet is now such a universal need (indeed many argue that it must be considered a basic right) that it should be regulated in the manner of a public utility.

It would be as if Comcast et al. had a monopoly on water, and they wanted to provide a higher quality of water to the rich, and provide it more dependably, thus of course being able to charge more for it.

Like internet rationing, by a private corporation, with the over-riding goal of optimizing its profit.

Today the 3 Democratic appointees to the FCC voted for equality, and the 2 Republican appointees voted for Comcast et al.  Now the matter goes to Congress, so we’ll soon be hearing the Republican lies about it.

In the Republican ideal, my writing would be delivered by slow boat.

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