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American Remission

February 7, 2015

Yes, Johnny lost a leg at age three and he hasn’t ever accepted the idea of a prosthetic limb, but that hasn’t affected his life any. Well yes, he had brain cancer when he was a kid. They cut out most of the tumor, and what’s still there seems benign. Yes there’s scar tissue, but that doesn’t affect his thinking any.

Yes, half of early America was a horrendus slave-holding society, and a lot of Americans haven’t ever accepted the idea of equality of human worth, or even fair wages, but that hasn’t affected our life any (except maybe for the better—we’re the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth). Well yes, the first several centuries of Americans practiced both informal and systemmatic genocide against people who were native to this land. Sure, that left scars, but it doesn’t affect our thinking any.

Why do you ask?

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