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Now THAT’S what I’M Talkin About!

February 3, 2015

Heard this NPR segment* (episode “Entanglement” in “Invisibilia”) where physicists cause two, definitely separated, atoms to behave as one, while definitely being also two. Now that’s what I mean: in our thinginess we are each and everywhere the same thingy, interconnected, “entangled,” as a thing and simultaneously many things and the whole thing.  If it hasn’t yet been “seen” mathematically, it will be. Personally, I think it’s because it’s all matter, we’re all matter, body and soul—all the same thingy(ness).

The rest of the show is also excellent, how we’re remarkably entangled with each other, as members of our species, and other species being that way too.  We’ve been around long enough to have developed amazing sensitivities and interrelatingnesses.  Intuitions and empathies.  “…and I’m still tangled up in you….”

Last summer I was talking with two carpenters about how I think my hops vines on my deck (with their fast growth and their amazing sensors on their stems) communicate with me.  The guys looked at me with wide-opened eyes and said, yes, they grow hops, and they know what I mean!

*Thanks, Heidi.

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