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Root of Republican Obstruction

January 20, 2015

True story. Amazing, but confirmed by Republicans who were there. On the night of January 20, 2009, while Democrats were celebrating Obama’s Inauguration, a select group of Republican Congressional leaders* convened over dinner to plot (okay, plan) their strategy of opposition.

They agreed unanimously that one tactic would dominate their strategy, as long as Obama was president:  they would obstruct, to their maximum ability, anything and everything that Obama or Congressional Democrats proposed—no matter what it was. Prevent anything from getting done. Their expectation was that, by doing so, they could weaken the American government and economy so much, and blame the President so convincingly (see “cynicism,” “hypocrisy”) that the American electorate would vote Republican.

This tactic would be especially appealing to core Republicans—the Republican base, anyway, because a failing government would (1) support Republican and libertarian anti-government ideology, (2) serve the interests of corporatists and the super-rich, who want deregulation and reduced taxation, and (3) gladden the hearts of racists who fear and loathe the fact of a black president.

(Note: I don’t think that, legally, this qualifies as “treason,” but I do think it’s shitty, and has hurt hundreds of millions of their fellow citizens, not to mention its global ramifications for the lives of billions. This is very big, really, and in degree of recklessness qualifies as merciless.)

     *Guest List and commentary

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