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A World of Scandal

January 19, 2015

This morning’s headline makes the Occupy movement look quaint. World’s Richest 1% Expected To Own More Than 50% Of World Wealth By 2016.

What have they done with their wealth and their power? What have they done that is at all laudable? Will history identify them as great benefactors of humanity and life on Earth (unless they write the history themselves, as they well might)? What have they accomplished that might justify their greedy activities, that would make me write that maybe such inequality of distribution of means of life is a good idea?

As a result of their accumulation of wealth and power, through tranfer of wealth from the rest of us into their pockets (to use a quaint expression)—including their profit from our attempts to alleviate our suffering by means such as health care, are the rest of us seeing a decline in poverty and desperation, a lessening of warfare, less violence against women, eradication of disease, increased safety and comfort?  Really, what good are they doing, certainly what good commensurate with their proportion of the world’s wealth?

In the Greek New Testament, a word used to describe Jesus is “skandal,” which translates, scandal, stumbling block. Everyone who confronted him tripped over him, because his prophetic law of love exposed their inhumanity, causing them to trip over themselves.

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