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Hope Found for Racists

January 4, 2015

There is a cure: Reality (patent pending).

This wonder drug has been around for a long time, and was used extensively in America during the early and mid-1960s, before a backlash against its use set in, which has continued until today.

Some patients progress slowly, taking Reality only in small doses; but many have been known to undergo miraculous recoveries, analgous to Saul on the road to Tarsis, when the scales dropped from his eyes and he saw himself and others in a new light, as the individual humans that we truly are. The patient now sees his/her former condition as an illusion, a joke played upon oneself, ambivalently laughable.

Often patients who have taken Reality become wholly nonviolent. Their fear rapidly dissipates, and they become caring, cooperative, and more productive citizens.

Negative side effects include temporary anxiety and some loss of friends. For some, Reality is a hard pill to swallow, because of their constrictive denial. It is especially dangerous for predatory business people and exploitative politicians, because it contains self-knowledge.  Currently, Republicans are working to get it banned.

Positive side effects of Reality include fundamental change, clarity, courage, ability to act responsibly, new friends, a strong sense of morality, justice, and community.

The Disease: like War, Racism is an ancient, universal, tribal illness, now endemic, with recent outbreaks causing as many as a million deaths.

Racism is a highly contagious form of Foolishness, often contracted from one’s parents, teachers, preachers, and politicians, and reinforced by one’s immediate fearful society. It is an ego-centric personality disorder, often giving rise to loss of self in mass anxiety and sometimes hysteria. It is characterized by ignorance, fear, sterotypica of thinking, snap judgment, vulnerability to manipulation, actions counter to one’s self-interest, self-defeating anger, and dibilitative hatred.   Persons who have contracted Racism typically act out, and are subject to fits of violent behavior, sometimes extreme.

Reality, often injected by a friend (and former patient) who calms the patient’s fears and gradually—indeed patiently—supplies information and sets an example, works by breaking down the patient’s delusionary, stereotypical thought patterns, thereby freeing the patient to think for him or her self and to respond to fellow humans with natural concern for well-being.

Other indications: this rainbow-colored pill has also been found to be effective in treatment of Sexism and related disorders.

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