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Gun Basics

December 31, 2014

Let’s remind ourselves: gun = power. Lethal power. A gun is designed to be used to kill.

If one person fires a gun to injure another person, that action is so fraught with ramifications for the immediate community and larger society that it is a public event. Society cannot tolerate that destruction, except that it sanctions this lethal action, within a tight code of conduct, if it is done in defense of a life (or in some cases, oddly, to protect property).

Some people shoot other people as members of an organized force (soldiers, police, gang members). Most of the time, use of lethal gun power by a soldier or police officer is legal, because society has appointed them do do so, in defense of life that is under attack. When a soldier or police officer takes a life, the sanctioning public takes that life. So even then, the shooter must obey a code of conduct, and is responsible to inquiry by the people. Sometimes an individual soldier or police officer murders someone. Sometimes society holds him or her accountable.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes the shooter regrets having done so.  Seemingly sometimes not.

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