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Justice OR Racism

December 29, 2014

Because we can’t have both. Racism is inherently unjust, and often it produces an ad hoc “injustice system.”   A “justice system” that tolerates racism is a public system of injustice and abuse.

A healthy justice system is a means of determining a wrong-doing (in accord with a public code), a wrong-doer, and a making of amends.  The American system, with it’s background of undoing the systematic injustice of royal oppression, creates us equal before the law (as before God). We are each allotted innocence, until our peers have proven that we are guilty. Indeed we are at pains to protect the innocent. The search for justice is transformed into a search for truth, using means that maximize objectivity in the gathering and analysis of information. Evidence is presented publically. A verdict is rendered by fellow citizens. The making of amends is then modulated to fit the degree of harm to the public good, and is administered without personal animosity or pleasure.

The system conducts itself in a manner that would be approved by someone who was omniscient, benevolent, and personally disinterested.

In racism the crime is having been born, and the fitting way of making amends is to give up one’s life—legally or illegally, and preferably in an act that satisfies the racist’s craving for vengeance, freedom from fear of what is perceived as an existential threat, and/or ego-enhancement, including sexual domination.

Racists already know who is to blame, for every irritation, even before there’s something to blame someone for, because they’re always irritated. That’s because racism is a constant irritation—for everybody.

In the racist system of injustice, guilt is a fore-gone conclusion; truth is displaced by ignorance, in an irrational reinforcement of prejudice; discrimination is triggered and justified by stereotyping; power, including lethal force, is exerted impulsively, by both official and unofficial vigilantes; objectivity and benevolent disinterest are replaced by fear, anger, self-righteousness, delusion, and denial; the community is intimidated into cowardice, collusion, and impotence; manipulation of the system, prompted by greed, breeds corruption; and the brutal pursue purification through the annihilation of the scapegoat population. They deserved what they got.

As in a slave-owning society, everyone must be afraid at all times.

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