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Dick Cheney

December 16, 2014

Dick Cheney has become a pathetic character on the media stage. Given his history of statements that have proven to be inaccurate, seemingly conscious fabrications and falsifications, one can’t help but wonder whether (1) he believes that the end justifies the means, that when informing the populace, even highly dangerous lies are justified in support of policy, (2) he is merely deluded, in our common way, or (3) he is a pathological liar, who imagines whatever suits him, and believes that whatever thought is happening in his mind, is reality. His side-stepping questions about the morality of his use of torture, by invoking the atrocities committed by others on 9/11, leads me to believe that he is a trickster figure who knows exactly what he is doing to serve his self-interest.

He continues to be dangerous, because he represents the dumbing down of American moral consciousness, courage, and resolve. The larger question is the extent to which Americans prefer to believe big lies, rather than act morally upon clearly perceived reality.

[Update 1-16-18  Wouldn’tcha know?  My Man Dick (index page) turns out to have been our Republican John the Baptist, preparing the political Way.]

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