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Possessed by Guns

December 23, 2012

Let’s get our bearings back, look at ourselves clearly, and return to national sanity about guns.

We Americans are possessed, by guns.  For American culture and especially a distressingly high proportion of our populace, this irrationality is a genuine mental-emotional dysfunction.  In some persons, inability to control the possession of guns is a matter of overwhelming ignorance, for others it is an obsession, an expression of paranoia, an erotic fetish, an application of libertarian infantile morality*, or all of the above.  For some persons in positions of public influence, notably Wayne LaPierre (NRA CEO), our possession appears to take the form of such self-interested behavior as to exhibit an anti-social, or even psychopathic, personality.

Our possession exacts a terrible price, in lives and money.  We can continue to indulge ourselves, and especially the most emotionally vulnerable individuals among us, in this foolishness or sickness, if we are willing, as a people, to pay that price—to ask our fellow citizens to pay that price.

Fortunately, if we want to stop being possessed by things that were invented and developed to take life, people in other countries that do not share our national neurosis have developed proven ways to regulate the possession of guns, and have shown that implementation of such regulation decreases irrationality and death.

(And yes I’m implying that we need an exorcism to rid ourselves of this cultural daimon that is possessing us, but we must be both the possessed and the exorcist.)

*What I mean by that.

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