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You lie! by the 100s

October 21, 2012

An Impressive List

For example, about that libya-terrorism lie. (Or were Romney and his people simply ignorant of the rose garden press conference?) Here’s that moment in the debate (supported by evidence).

People might think, based on their experience of politics and politicians over the years, “well, all politicians lie, that’s the nature of politics”. And I agree that all politicians, including President Obama, misrepresent the truth. But this recurring pattern of misrepresentation on the part of Romney, Ryan, and the Republicans in general, in recent years and especially in the current campaign, form a strategy of disinformation and confusion, of a vastly larger order, and thus kind, of misrepresentation.

Near the beginning of the campaigning, when a Romney ad famously reversed the meaning of an Obama statement about the economy, by taking it so far out of context that it wasn’t even Obama who said it, and it wasn’t said in the current campaign (it was said by McCain in 2008), Romney’s director of advertising was asked about it, and she defended the ad by saying, hey, it’s advertising and all advertising lies, so what’s wrong with that?

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