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Do you matter?

September 18, 2012

Are you an envious slacker who thinks you are a victim who is entitled to pay no taxes and live off of welfare checks?

Romney tells wealthy donors that 47% of Americans (i.e. making it a close election, but possible for him to win) will never vote for him, and are not people who it is his job to worry about.

Ryan, channeling Rand, says that Americans divide into two groups, the makers and the takers. The makers (1%?) are the valuable, deserving ones. The rest do nothing valuable, but they take wealth away from the makers.

Sheldon Adelson, the multi-billionaire Republican who says he will “invest” a hundred million dollars in electing Romney, says he doesn’t listen to the opinion of anyone who isn’t a millionaire, because such a person can’t be smart.

Note well: These people really actually believe this. This is what they believe about people! In spite of all of their campaign lies, when they are among themselves (or when they are caught off guard and are candid on camera), they are profoundly honest about their feelings and their thoughts. These are their themes that come up again and again. They believe now, and people like them have believed since the founding of the Virginia and Massachusetts Bay colonies, that individual wealth is a direct result of, and a direct sign of, personal worth.

The people in charge of the Republican Party think in terms of dividing people into 2 opposing groups, us or them, and them don’t matter. Them are stupid. Them should be manipulated and should not be allowed to vote.

Democrats believe that everyone is valuable, everyone matters, everyone should be encouraged to vote. Your vote makes sure that you matter. If you think you have worth, if you think you should matter, get out and vote!

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