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Voter ID

September 4, 2012

I’ve voted in every election since 1960.  If someone informed me, now, that they would not allow me to vote, my hair would catch fire from the heat of my feelings of outrage.  In a democracy, you’re not really a citizen if you don’t have the right to vote, and your dignity and reality as a person are diminished if you are not fully a citizen.  If I lived, today, in a state such as PA or FL, Republican office holders would be trying to deprive me of my right to vote.  It is possible that they will succeed in preventing hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens and neighbors from voting.  What gives them the privilege to do that?  Why do they feel desire to do that?

Republicans, how do you feel about democracy?  How do you feel about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have died, mostly very young, to preserve democracy for us?  Wouldn’t it make your blood boil if someone was trying to take away your right to vote?  Can you feel why?

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