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You lie! about who built it

September 3, 2012

The whole theme of the Republican convention, was a sentence lifted out of context and distorted, from an Obama speech:  “You didn’t build that.”  In context it is totally obvious that he was saying, you didn’t build that by yourself, we don’t build our accomplishments, like we didn’t build America and American democracy, by ourselves.

Like Washington defeated the British by himself, he was alone at Valley Forge.  Eisenhower won the war in Europe single-handedly, then built the interstate highway system by himself.  Even John Henry had a guy who placed the spike.

And furthermore they distorted the speech of America’s first black president, who represents the aspirations of the descendants of slaves who built the South (which they also lie about, when they claim that Obama isn’t really an American, but represents the aspirations of the Kenyan Mau Maus).

I remember when the American (including Repub) ideal was the Midwest barn raising parties, when an entire community would gather to raise up a barn for a neighbor.

Today’s anti-egalitarian, libertarian and racist Republicans are egotistical fools and frauds.

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