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You lie! about Welfare, Medicare

September 2, 2012

from TPM 9/2:

“The Romney campaign and Republican National Committee have spent millions of dollars on ads that accuse President Obama of “gutting” the bipartisan 1996 welfare reform law. But as numerous fact checkers and traditional journalists have noted, his waiver policy — which Republican governors also signaled interest in — only applies to states that find alternate ways to strengthen the process of moving more recipients from welfare to work.

A major theme of the Republican convention speeches — including from Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan — is that Obama is robbing seniors by slashing Medicare to fund ‘Obamacare.’ In fact, Obama’s $716 billion in Medicare cuts don’t touch benefits — they slow the growth in reimbursements to providers like hospitals and insurance companies over 10 years. Ryan’s own budget blueprint counts on the same savings.

The Romney campaign stands by the welfare attack, even in the face of significant media pushback. They note that Obama initially opposed the 1996 law. Romney has pledged to restore the Medicare cuts under the Affordable Care Act.”

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