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You lie! about jobs

August 29, 2012

In his convention speech, as in his stump speech, Ryan blames Obama for the closing of a GM plant in Ryan’s home town. But the plant was closed in 2008, before Obama became President. (Since becoming President, Obama has prevented GM plants from closing. Romney has said that the auto companies should have been allowed to go bankrupt.)

Update 8/30:  On The Ed Schultz Show (radio) Ed  is telling how he was giving a radio broadcast from Wisconsin in 2006, and some union workers from Ryan’s home town were there to ask for support because their plant was designated for closing, and their congressman was doing nothing about it.  On 2/13/08 Obama said he believed that if the government supported that plant, it would stay open–but GM closed it in 12/08, near Christmas and one month before Obama became president.  People from Janesville calling in say locally people refer to “Lyin’ Ryan”.

According to Sam Stein, Huffington Post, Ryan sought federal aid for the plant.

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