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You lie! about Welfare and work

August 19, 2012

Romney ad states that Obama is removing work from Welfare (btw thus giving people’s hard-earned tax dollars to the lazy–hint, hint).

LA Times (8/28):

In fact, Obama did not waive the work requirement.

His administration in July issued a letter to state governments saying that the Department of Health and Human Services would consider requests from states to experiment with new ways to fulfill the work requirements. The letter said that in order to receive waivers to carry out the experiments, states would have to show that their plans would move more welfare recipients into jobs than existing policies.”

Update (from Daily Kos coverage), 8/29:  KA Repub Gov Brownback admits its a lie:

“JANSING: But you agree that these claims that the work requirement has been abolished are false?

BROWNBACK: As far as I have seen, but I don’t know all of the basis to it. [Blah, blah, big government blah, blah.]

The directive from President Obama doesn’t abolish the work requirement at all, but gives governors the kind of flexibility plenty of Republican governors have been demanding to restructure the work requirements for receiving welfare assistance. In fact, a couple of Republican governors, including Michigan’s Mitch Snyder and Utah’s Gary Herbert admit they asked for that flexibility, though neither were put on the spot like Brownback to admit the big lie.

Every fact checker who’s bothered to check has debunked the ads, which the Romney campaign refuses to pull.  Because, after all, as Meteor Blades writes, they say it’s “their most effective ad” and they’re “not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

Meaning they’re not going to let the campaign be constrained by anything like the truth.”

8/29 See also.

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