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You Lie!

August 16, 2012

Gail Collins in NYT 8-15-12:  “So, about Medicare. Why don’t Romney and Ryan want to let me have it?

You really are obsessed with that, aren’t you? The National Republican Congressional Committee has warned all its candidates that whenever the subject comes up, they are to avoid mentioning “entitlement reform,” or “privatization,” or “every option is on the table.” Instead, the keywords are: “strengthen, secure, save, preserve, protect.”

So I suspect Romney and Ryan would say that they want to change the current system in order to strengthen, secure, save, preserve and protect your future health care. Which will involve a lot of choices, even though every option is not on the table. Totally not.

Basically, the Republican message is that it’s Barack Obama who is trying to destroy Medicare and that they will “save it.”

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