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gun control

July 23, 2012

There are many rational arguments in favor of gun control, and there are none against it.  That has been obvious for years, so let’s leave that behind.

Resistance to regulation of guns, on the part of persons who do not financially benefit from gun sales (or who are not simply so ignorant that they can believe propaganda that someone is trying to take away their deer rifle), seems to me to come down to a pathological fantasy of self-defense:  (1) I am under lethal attack, or very possibly will come under lethal attack, this is life or death, and (2) I can successfully defend myself–from a criminal, or an oppressive American government, or a foreign invader, or all of the above–if I have a gun.   The emotional load when people make this argument reveals that it is pathologically psychological, and the manifest counter-factuality of the content reveals that it is fantasy.

In our cultural history this fantasy carries a mythic narrative and image, the gun itself, a righteous man wielding a gun, his attackers, the enemies of his people, falling before him.

Thus the essence of this resistance is the individual’s subconscious, supercharged load of shame and fear.

What is America without a gun?

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